Wednesday, November 13, 2013


holding on to stuff will damage your soul and cause unbearable pain. Let it go free. Pain travels...Move from here.
 — Photo Credit: Saddi Khali Photos.

In my journey through this life, I have collected mounds of STUFF, physical and emotional STUFF; Stuff ain't always bad unless it is. As I sort through the STUFF, it never fails that I find junk, things that need to be discarded, burned, shredded, completely annihilated in order to find my breath. Some of the stuff has been choking the life completely out of me. The funny thing is some of the stuff is just a figment of my own imagination. I've created in my own head messages that have not always been affirming of WHO I AM. I've cheated myself of joy and peace by just thinking to DAMN much about STUFF. Someone else can go dumpster diving for a while because I AM DONE WITH STUFF! Note to self:
I am brave! I am courageous! I am disciplined! I am bold! I am compassionate! I am intelligent! I am ENOUGH! 
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