Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My soul is a moaning and a groaning on this  November 25, 2014 as I received yet another confirmations that the lives of young black boys and men are not of value. I am sad, dissapointed, angry, enraged, OUTRAGED!  This feeling of urgency in my belly to pray with action. My action is to ensure our #YOUNGMENOFCOLOR know that their lives matter. I want to affirm that this feeling of rage rising in me, us, #THEOTHERAMERICA #BLACKAMERICA is an accumulation of atrocities on a people. I am not condoning the violence but yet I understand it. Until a people have lived in the belly of racism fueled by capitalism, and been affected by it they will never understand or acknowledge its effect on a people. Institutional Racism, #andiaintwhispering, is insidious and crippling and beneficial to the folk that sustain it. #WAKEUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
©White-Ra 2014

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