Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Can - Living Life without Regrets

I Can, is an affirmation that we don't often embrace. I Can, is a statement of empowerment that we often lose sight of during our daily busYness. I Can, is self-talk that we fail to do in trying, stressful and challenging times. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for us to sell ourselves short, underplay our strengths, overlook our gifts and skills in the name of modesty, humility, lowliness, submissiveness. Somewhere, at some point or time in our life there was a miscommunication about our internal CAPACITY. I don't believe it has been an intentional message but an error in thinking.

The first of many miscommunication happens in the formative years of life when the world is our palette and we can carve out/create our reality. In those years, 0-5, we engender our strength, courage, self-esteem,  self-love, greatness, and our fears. For so many of us those fears are what take up permanent residence and cast shadows on the others. Young children live a limitless life believing that all things are possible, and that in them is the capacity to do all things. Then the adults come along and introduce the initial erroneous thinking. How you may be asking or wondering? "We only want what's best for our children", is what you are probably saying and feeling at this time. This is not a finger pointing but an observation of living.

As parents/caregivers of the young we all want the very best for our children, even when we don't know exactly what that is in the moment. Parenting is a live and learn process with guiding light along the path. Consequently, we sometimes miss the moment, confuse the moment or ignore the moment, and instead we respond to an emotion. Our own emotion!
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