Friday, October 15, 2010

Today is for and about ME!

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Helper, Lover, Caregiver are some of the many roles I fill or have filled over my many years of living (42 to be exact). Today I have decided to Nurture ME, Care for ME, Tend to ME,  Heal ME. It is not easy for a helper to care for themself because at some level that feels Selfish. However, isn't it important to be SELF-ish in preparation of Serve-ing others. I know in theory that I must be whole, healthy and well to effectively help others. Emotional wellness is a necessity for helpers; without it you can unintentionally crippled the one seeking help. But that's practice I give and give and give and give till I am gone. Well today I am reclaiming ME...Self....Myself.
©White-Ra 2011

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