Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Am I my sister's keeper? YES, I AM! That's what I tell myself whenever I encounter young sisters (and brothers) in passing on the train, bus, street, stores, malls, etc. Over the past few days my heart has been heavily burden with the state of our YOUTH in the community. Which community you ask? My community.... Replay yesterday's conversation between two young sisters on the train: " Yeah, that b#$%h was tripping, sh#t...he wanted me to take some ecstasy so I could relax." "What, ecstasy? What, he sells it or something?" " Yeah, and that was when it was just me and J living there..." (Now I am assuming J is a child especially since she had a custom made wall hanging with J's name painted on it with her at that time. It was a beautiful piece of art that would look wonderful in a child's room). "I told him naw, that's cool not right now maybe later." "So did you ever take the ecstasy?" ...(I never knew the answer because it was my stop....) Replay last Friday's conversation on the bus during my commute home from work: "Naw Ni%%a you be drawing and sh*t..." "What the f#$keva ni%%a b*$%h..." "that's why I don't f#$k wit you like dat...cause you a b*$%h..." (again it was my stop so i never was able to hear the entire conversation).... I have many more of these conversation that I can replay for you but won't because my intent is to encourage mentoring not disdain for our youth. I love to hang out with our youth because the learning is endless. Remember when we were young, knew it all, wanted to experience everything no matter the warnings from our elders, the love, lust, heartbreak, risky behaviors? Use those memories to take this challenge. What challenge you ask? This challenge to each of you..... 1. acknowledge our youth (i'm sure you do but in case you don't) 2. encourage our youth 3. hold our youth accountable for their actions 4. use every teachable moment presented you to redirect our youth (not preach or badger) 5. listen to the music and engage our youth in conversations about it (don't preach or badger just talk with them) 6. expose our youth to different experiences....outside of their comfort zones and yours 7. allow our youth to experience the natural consequences of their actions early on so that they don't suffer from the rescue syndrome and get trapped in the abyss 8. BE A MENTOR in action not just words......... 9. WALK YOUR MESSAGE OF RESPECT, DIGNITY, INTEGRITY AND LOVE 10. LET THEM SEE THE GOD IN YOU............................ We've dropped the ball with our youth and it is time to return to the game....OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT (OUR AND THEIRS.)!!!!!!! from my heart 2 your heart........BE A MENTOR!

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