Friday, October 15, 2010

More Friday soul searching......(a repost from my prose "A Recommittment to the We" orginally written 1/15/2010) )

I have been thinking that we (okay let me focus on me...) I don't spend enough time giving thanks to my ancestors. So on this day I am giving thanks...

"Libation is one of the most important oral genres practiced as a sophisticated art form among African peoples. The tradition of pouring libation is rooted in African cultures and was carried and continue in the new world. What is it you ask? It is a powerful and humbling symbolic offering of water/spirits/whatever liquid you feel appropriate to commemorate and honor our ancestors. It invites the spiritual essence of our ancestors to join in celebration with us." The Afrocentric Experience

My hope is that daily we are taking time to pray and meditate for our spiritual growth and development. Trust me when I say if you want to kill a thing then starve it. Starve your spirit and it will die.

If you feel so inclined to participate in this mornings/afternoon "Libation" then jump right in....

I call upon our ancestors far and near Fathers of our fathers, Mothers of our mothers
To bear witness to what we have done, And by their example, to continue to inspire us toward,
renewing and reclaimig our African minds, regenerating our African spirit, liberating our home land, and reclaiming our greatness as a people. I pour this libation to bring into our midst their venerable African spirit, manifesting and radiating their great wisdom, courage, dedication, and unyielding commitment to diginity, character, integrity and victory by any means necessary. It is in the honor of our Creator, our Ancestors, our Children and their children that I pour this libation...Ashe or Amen!

For Jesus Christ, my Creator, I Pour Libation ...Ashe or Amen!

For the various manifestations of the Creative spirit, I Pour Libations...Ashe or Amen!

For our ancestors, who laid the foundation for human civilization, and who provided the wisdom by which we live and the models by which our lives are guided I Pour Libation...Ashe or Amen!

For our esteemed ancestors who have suffered the atrocities and horrors of our MAAFA, and yet demonstrtated the victorious power of the African spirit against adversity, by maintaining their dignity no matter the cost, I Pour Libations...Ashe or Amen!

I Pour Libations for.......
Rosa Gaynor...Ashe or Amen!
William Gaynor...Ashe or Amen!
William Parker, Sr. ...Ashe or Amen!
Mama Hill...Ashe or Amen!
Daddy Hill...Ashe or Amen!
Aunt Bea...Ashe or Amen!
Marie White...Ashe or Amen!
Harry White, Sr. ...Ashe or Amen!

All my ancestors that I know by name and those that I don't, I Pour Libations...Ashe and Amen!!!!!!!
©White-Ra 2010

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